What we Offer

Heavy Transportation and Hauling

Ben-Yamani for contracting and Oilfield Services provides superior rental and contract transportation , hauling services in Yemen. These services are provided to clients in the industrial, oil & gas, private, government, commercial, energy, and all sectors. We provide safe and efficient service solutions for heavy equipment hauling, and hazardous waste transport. We are experienced in trucking and can deliver any volume of loads to your projects on schedule. Rental and Contract hauling services can be provided for all kind loads and products. Ben-Yamani has various configurations of hauling units, dump trucks, and trailers to optimize overall project efficiency. Hauling equipment is supplied to clients on hourly, daily, or monthly rates. We can also provide transport units and trailers for hauling of contaminated material to designated treatment facilities. Material loading and scaling services are also provided as per specifications

Light vehicle Transport and Rentals

Is one of Ben - Yamani for contracting and Oilfield Services, providing a wide choice of automobile and commercial Vehicles to rent for periods ranging and contract. We have been working with various private and public sector clients over the years to help monitor and reduce their vehicle rental costs and make the management process as seamless as possible. Our vehicles is equipped with full safety tools, and according to oilfield standards

Heavy & Light Equipment Rental

Heavy & Light Equipment Rental Services sector includes establishments that provide a wide array of tangible supplies, such as heavy automobiles, equipments, and industrial machinery and equipment, to customers in return for a periodic rental or fixed lease . The sector includes two main types of establishments: (1) Heavy automobile and equipment and (2) Engaged in leasing machinery and equipment often used for business operations.

Construction works

Supplying constructions and concrete works is one of the services Supplied to Ben – Yamani Clients. These works are done through our experienced experts and the modernist machines and equipments. Our priority is our standard performance and Quality Assurance services as well as meeting the appointments and deadlines.